Eco-Warrior is a project management business involved in residential and commercial building, renovations and eco improvement.

The business was started in 2006 as a small response to the extreme frustration that we experienced in our building business when our customers hated us from day one.

Many times we would arrive on a site to be greeted by a customer who was immediately aggravated and annoyed - and we hadn't even started to work.

Their attitude invariably stemmed from previous experiences that they had had with other building companies. It wasn't so much the quality of building or the time that it took but most often the mess that was made during the project and the pollution and damage that was left after the contractors had departed.

The damage

boxAlmost without fail, flower beds had been uprooted, and those that had not, had been inundated with cement. The soil had been so damaged that nothing would grow in those flower beds. Cement and other building sediment had washed off the site into storm water drains and hardened; solidified in the rims of manhole covers making it virtually impossible to lift them and discoloured the roadway for hundreds of meters from the property, infuriating the customer's neighbours.

Painters would wash their brushes under the garden tap and leave paint residue to run into lawns and flowerbeds, out into laundry yards and driveways and even worse, onto patios that had been paved with imported sandstone. There would be paint spatter on every possible surface, requiring months of cleaning  and rework. And very often the contractors would forego the ten percent retention and simply disappear.

The Waste

boxGarden hoses would be used to wash equipment and then be left running overnight, wasting huge amounts of water and turning the site into a vast swampland.

The amount of electricity that the contractors would waste by simply leaving equipment running when it didn't need to run was enormous. We have personally encountered empty cement mixers running for 30 minutes - and not just once! Builders habitually leave building sites with all the lights on - just lock the door and go home at knock-off time. Or they will leave 1500 watts worth of security lighting burning throughout the day. And the list goes on!

The difference

boxWe wanted to make a difference, no matter how small so we started by observing how we behaved and what we did on our own building sites and then began to tell others about what was going on out there.

We still build and do renovations - we are just better than most at looking after the environment while we are busy. Email us for a quotation - we work within 25km of the Cape Town City Centre.




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