Building and construction

Our building activities are divided into three areas, interior, exterior and garden.

box Interior building involves everything that makes you warm and fuzzy inside. We look at the structure of the interior and make it work for you. This is probably completely different to what your friends and family are thinking, but then it's not their place is it? The big thing is for you to have fun, be you, be comfortable and adventurous.

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box Exterior construction deals with the hard stuff, the bits and pieces that have to plug together so that the weather doesn't get to you and if it does, you are taking advantage of it. This means directing rain water to where you want it, putting heat to work for you and making outside light part of your indoor life.

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box Gardens are extensions of your living space. Large or small, wide or narrow, grassed or paved, we make them function better. We improve drainage, build interesting spaces, link them together with interesting walkways and hidden features. Your garden can be filled with surprises, small animals, birds, cameleons, frogs and beautiful insects.

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