Home ideas

Being an Eco-Warrior means you need to find ways to do routine little jobs around the house in an eco-friendly way. You are looking for solutions to common problems that can be implemented with the least impact on the environment. We have a few ideas for you and would be glad to hear about other ideas you might have. Send us an email with your eco-friendly tip or trick and we will publish it on this page.

chores around the house

boxDid you know that most cleaning agents are either solvent based or are not biodegradeable? You can make a difference by ensuring that your cleaning liquids are natural and water soluble.




DIY ideas


Sand blasting using aluminium oxide grit is very harsh and damaging to the environment. Trying blastingwith bicarbonate of soda. Baking soda blasting is environmentally friendly and doesn't damage sensitive surfaces. When you are done, simply wash off with water - no solvents required.

Build a conservatory for winter to capture the sun's warmth.

Solutions in the garden

box You want to get rid of snails and pests in the garden? Don't put down poison - get some ducks. Indian Runner ducks are a little less noisy than other ducks and they will quickly devour all the garden pests.






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