Home safety

Safety in the home is not about being over cautious about everything but just being aware of things that can go wrong. Knowing your surroundings and the inherent dangers makes a big difference to how you handle accidents too. Simple bumps and scrapes can be avoided by taking a few precautions ahead of time. Similarly, reading a label and understanding what is in your food can ensure your health later on.

safety for little eco-warriors

boxWe need to keep little fingers out of harms way at all times. This means ensuring that doors do not slam in a draught, trapping little fingers and causing damage. Keeping drawers and cupboards locked and child proof is always a good thing. Closing up little holes so that little fingers are not inserted into plugs etc will prevent a lot of pain.

See our list of items that you could be attending to.

safety for senior eco-warriors


Most of our older family members have one or another health complaint. Mobility is always a problem and access to various items often becomes an issue when someone slips or falls. We need to ensure that surfaces are non-slip, necessary items are within reach, and locks, latches, taps and switches are all able to be operated by frail and sometimes arthritic hands.

See our list of tems that you could be attending to.

safety for everyone

box Safety is an all encompassing activity. From the minute you leave your house until you return, the entry to the home and then the actual living in the home, all requires thought and planning.

Locks and latches, communications and first aid are items that should be on the list of things to make sure about.






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