independent living

Independent living is not about old age or disabilities or being on your own.

It's about all these things and more.

It's about being able to look after yourself no matter your circumstances.

Simple considerations involve those of us that are perfectly able ensuring that those of us who may be a little infirm, disabled or simply living alone, have all the facilities available to contend with any possible eventuality that may arise.

Although important, it's not always about getting up and down stairs, or getting around a shopping centre. Often it's about being able to turn a tap on and off, turn a door handle or stove knob, or even as simple as being able to press a single key on a keyboard or reach a light switch.

Consider an elderly person falling in the bathroom. What would that person need to survive such an accident? The answer is not difficult to see if you put yourself in that situation. Imagine you are lying on the bathroom floor and cannot move. You are in pain and shouting doesn't really help. Nobody hears you. What you really need is a panic button located very close to you. Pressing the button would quickly summon help. So we install panic buttons down at floor level where they can be easily located by a person in distress. Simple, but effective.

It's about having a stove situated at the right height for someone in a wheelchair to be able to reach. We need a single row of hot plates so that we don't have to stretch over hot pots. And the controls should be out front and not against the far wall. The kitchen sink and the taps must be easily accessible. This is all very easy to accomplish with a little thought.

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