eco friendly living

boxThere is so much that we do in a day that has an impact on our environment. Through a gradual process of change, we can all start to make a difference in the way we do things so that we tread lightly on the planet. We hope you will take some time to explore with us and consider making some changes in your day to day activities. These small changes might save a little water, use a little less energy, make it possible for you to live in a much smaller space and make the going a little easier for humans and animals around you.

independent living


People with disabilities and degenerative diseases require living spaces that are specially arranged to accommodate their specific needs. We design and construct solutions to the wide range of problems encountered in domestic and employment environments.

These include modifications to bathrooms, widening of doorways to accommodate mobility devices, construction of ramps, redesign of furniture and many other interventions. We have access to a wide range of original products that make independent living and independent employment possible.

Our focus is on simple functionality, comfort and excellent quality of life. Read more ...

getting off the grid

box Getting off the grid is a relatively easy process, but it is not cheap. There are some essential steps to follow, the first of which is to make your home as energy efficient as is possible. We offer some strategies for conservation of energy and some pointers in the move to energy independence.

Being water-wise and independent of the main supply is also possible. It also takes some finance but the end result is worth it. There are few things more satisfying than a water bill which reads zero - nothing to pay! Read more ...




eco build