wateR Drainage

Lawn drainage can be a major head ache, particularly in the clay soil areas of the Western Cape. If you have a lawn that has puddles which remain for hours and days after a storm, you have a drainage problem.

Most plants will eventually drown if left in water. Grass wants a lot of water but it also needs to breath. Grass that dies off after these persistent floods often dies because of root rot. The result is large expanses of garden with no grass but plenty of bright green and blue moss. The children can't play in the garden and if they do, the surface is very slippery and they will always be carrying that lovely clay onto your clean carpets.

box There is another and more serious side effect, and that is the rising damp that will pervade the house, cause all sorts of mould and fungus to grow on walls, blister the paint and make the house damp and smelly.

Sorting out drainage problems is a priority.

We have solutions that have been tried and tested.

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