Water wise


- water re-use

There are huge benefits to re-using water. It is possible to save water and save money by using water twice. Less fresh water is required and the strain on resources is reduced. A similar reduction in sewerage and purification facilities is achieved.

Gardens that re-use water are greener for longer. Automating the system makes it very easy to live with.

The phosphates and nitrates found in grey water are nutrients for most plants. Using a biodegradeable and eco-friendy bath soap and washing powder improves this situation as well.

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- constructed wetlands

Constructed wetlands are an artificial creation of a naturally occurring phenomena that can be used to treat various types of waste water.

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- rainwater harvesting

Harvest all your rainwater and use it for flushing toilets and bathing, and also for irrigation of your organic vegetables. Use municipal water only for drinking. Don't buy bottled water it's about 7000 times more expensive than tap water and our tap water is fine.

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- Efficent use of water

We have taken water for granted for a long time. With the huge growth in populations, water is no longer in as plentiful a supply as it was in the ast. There are many ways to ensure that you use as little water as possible and thereby ensure that there will be fresh water into the future.

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- drainage

There are many aspects to the subject of drainage.

Of most interest to us as homeowners are two issues: the first is ensuring that our homes are dry and the second is that the water that we successfully stop from entering our home, should be kept for use elsewhere.

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